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Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money

Sell for thousands more.

By analyzing sale prices and market trends and using our unique 24 point system, The Nedder Group is better at marketing and prepping a home for sale. This can result in a 1 to 20% higher selling price for you.

Sell faster.

When a home sits on the market for too long it loses appeal and can cost you money.  The Nedder Group will sell your home fast saving you time and resources.

Set yourself up for a quick sale, call The Nedder Group today at 203.983.7471

Tips to get buyers in the right spirit:

  • Remove all accessories from counters and closets, de-clutter.
  • Create a calming environment with soft music.
  • Complement your palette, cool gray, white, and linen are colors for today's buyers
  • All lights on, all lights working, buyers respond to bright and open
  • Front walk clear of debris, curb appeal matters, new door mat.
  • All white bedding

At The Nedder Group, we work with a selected list of professionals who will help you prepare your home for sale.  

Our selected list includes, home staging , construction, painting, landscaping, driveway repair, roof repair, fence repair, plumbing, electrician, floor repair, kitchen and bath. 

We want to help you sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time. 

Frequently Asked:

How Long Does It Take to Sell a House?

The average days on market is determined by listing price, location and the condition of the home.  When we meet, we will give you an accurate time frame for your property.

Should I Fix Up My Home or Try to Sell As Is?

This will depend on the condition of the competing inventory.  Many sellers make the wrong improvements before they sell their home.  They often make decorating updates to the sellers preference or improvements that a buyer will never notice or pay extra for.  Invite us in for a consultation early in the process, so that we can help you position your home correctly for the current market and help you net the most money for your home.

What repairs to do Before Selling My Home?

Many sellers make the repairs they would want, which are not necessarily what a buyer expects.  

* If your home has hardwood floors, that's what buyers want, and it would pay to have the carpeting removed and the floors refinished.

*Buyers hate wallpaper. It's a decorative feature that was  your personal choice, not theirs. We advise removing all wallpaper.

*Fresh paint in all rooms, in  the current designer colors. Don't do it alone, our stager will help you select the best colors to attract today's buyer.

*Kitchen upgrades such as a simple laminates, new faucets, especially pre-rinse faucets are popular, new flooring and sparkling sinks will also sell

* Bathroom improvements that return highest value include new floors, fixtures and lights payoff. Carpeting is a huge turnoff in the bath.

*Curb appeal, repair cracks in sidewalks, resurface asphalt driveways, plant flowers, caulk windows and doors, replace older doorknobs and locks that are difficult, paint or repair fences, new door mat.

What happens when I have No Equity in my home?

*  Some home sellers will bring money to the transaction, paying to close a deal.  

*  Some home sellers will ask for a Short Sale.

* Some home sellers will decide to rent our their home.

How can a Comparative Market Analysis help sell my home?

Savvy home sellers always  obtain a comparative market analysis.  It is important to position your home correctly in the market.  A CMA will include the location, size and condition, for active, sold and pending comparable properties.  Although no two homes are exact, a CMA and the guidance of a professional Realtor will help you determine the best strategy to net the most money for your home.

How do I get the house ready after a loved one dies?

* Change the locks, forward the mail, continue to make sure the lawn is mowed, snow removed, landscape tidy.

* Set aside all financial documents, search everywhere.  Sometimes people stash cash in the strangest places such as
taped to the bottom of drawers, inside crawl spaces and, yes, under the mattress.

* Keep the mortgage, taxes and utilities current

*  Sort personal belongings.   It hastens the process if you sort belongings into three piles or tag them with color-coded stickers of three different colors:  items to keep, items to donate or sell, items to throw away